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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas : For Better For Worse

Hi all,   :)

Its good to be back writing here... well, a lot have been going on this past week and especially this kind of thing never happened before. Yet, I know it must be for a reason, right?

My dad got a high fever last week, he have it just two weeks before christmas but we thought it was just a simple fever. But that normal fever got quite strong and cause my dad lost his appetite. He got smaller and smaller and that is when we took it serious and we make decision to send my dad to a specialist.

Though it maybe costly but we have only one dad and we are not going to pass it out without a fight. Mr.Doctor puts my dad in a ward for a few days before christmas, and we hope that my dad illness is not too heavy and Mr.Doctor can let my dad spends christmas at home.

Its kind of hard to watch my own dad gotten smaller and weaker by the day and one thing to spend christmas eve in the hospital but eventually, we got by it safely and the most important thing is my dad getting his health back.

Its so nice and relieved to see my dad slowly regain his weight and that blasted fever has gone for good ! We all were exhausted and got little sleep but I am thankful to God answering prayers and all my friends and relatives for their prayers,love and faith.

Now, i am at my brothers home because my dad still need at least 4 antibiotic shots before he is certified by Mr.Doctor to be fully healed even though he is released from hospital just recently. My dad go to hospital twice in a day to get his shots and my brother will send my dad to hospital. We got until monday for his last shot, and im praying that my dad is healed totally at that time...

Anyways, I know God is with us and keep pray for us folk !  :) 

Last, I want to say "Merry Christmas 2009 !! ho ho ho !!  "     :D

Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi all...

I just thought that I drop a few words here before christmas because i can feel it that this year something special will happen...

I dont know why or how.. i just feel it. I've been through a lot before and I cant help but feel that I am so grateful and so happy christmas is finally around the corner. I cant wait for it, hahaha...

I feel like i'm a 5 year old kid not a 27 year old adult ! hahaha, if santa clause is real I might write a letter asking for a present and that I've been good all year. hahaha...

Anyways, I will try to be good for just this few weeks until christmas and wait with pounding hearts for that special event I feel is going to happen to unfolds before my very eyes.

I just put my faith and trust in God,   ^_^