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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful Prayer

Hi guys,

I found this amazing prayers from a blog I found while searching for spiritual battle for a couple (, I wanted to give credits for this person but it seems that he/she puts her/himself into anonymous mode so I cannot post his/her name here. Please do spend sometimes to visit his/her blog because its so human and so real... at least I feel that way but please visit her/him to decide yourself.  :)

Well, the prayer start like this...

"Lord Jesus, as I enter this workplace, I bring your presence with me. I speak your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order into the atmosphere of my workplace.

I acknowledge Your Lordship over all that will be spoken, thought, decided and accomplished this day.
Lord Jesus, I thank You for the gifts and skills You have deposited in me. I do not take them lightly, but commit to using them responsibly and well.
Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty on which to draw as I do my job today. Bless my creativity, my ideas, my energy so that even my smallest task may bring You honor.
Lord, when I’m confused, guide me – when I’m weary, energize me.
Lord, when I’m burned out, infuse me with the light of Your Holy Spirit.
May the work I do and the way I do it bring hope, light and courage to all that I come into contact with today.
And Oh Lord, even in this days most stressful moments, may I rest in You.
In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen."


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