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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Change Of Heart

What would make someone changed his heart? for me, it would take a miracle to completely changed the way my heart is but when its happen, its just .. happen. Have you ever experience it? i mean,the way you see the world is not the same anymore and you know that there is much more bigger than yourself out there. Life suddenly become so alive and you feel like you have a purpose and you want to do more. Have you ever feel it?

But what will it takes to feel it that way? what will you do? I feel like i have so many questions than answers, maybe 90% questions and 10% answers but even that percentage is still wavering... sometimes i feel like i have zero answers and tons of questions. Someone told me that life is mysterious and that I have to take it in whatever way they came and i have to embrace it and make it a part of my life but words without action is meaningless right?

I believe that out of love, God will send me so much blessings even if its not the way i wanted. Sometimes, a person have to be in pain before this changed came because only in this way a changes will occured. I know that with human nature, our greatest weakness is ego and that will hinder us to see the complete picture. Sometimes a hero is born through tragedy but the process i tell you, is very painful and I know because i've been there.

Whatever it is, i have faith that we all will get through our deepest sorrow and know that you are not alone.


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