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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bear Counter

I've started this blog with a picture in my mind about a person having all the basic necessities in life just like the song i know from the Disney's Jungleboy "Bear necessities". The theme is actually stemmed from my own experienced that we dont really need all those that we have now like flat screen, modern mobile phone or sport car... if we think carefully we can actually live without all that but im not saying that its wrong to have all those luxuries, we can work hard to achieve all that modern appliances. Its just that if we are too focus or worked 24 hours a day without rest i think its not worth it.

Our life didnt depend on it, our happiness didnt depends on these luxuries. I mean what if we all have that but then our joy of  living simple is stripped away and suddenly peace is such a strange words that we feel like we have minutes only to achieve all that dreams? What will you do when you  wake up to face another nightmare in which its not a dream but a reality? what will you do? Im not against those whose dreams are to achieve these and i dont want to start an uproar with diligent workers out there because i,myself love to have these wonderful things... its just that if i need to sacrifice my life just for these gadgets I have to say no.

Maybe Im not cut out to live my life like that or i dont have those passion like them but i will live a decent life enough for my family to get by and IF God sees it fit to bless me more than before then Im happy to accept it.


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