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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unending lessons from life... a precious experience

I learn previously that what is free in life we have to take it slowly and dont take for granted. It is free right, so dont rush. It is not right to push something that is not your own effort and tried to take it like its yours when it is not! I've met with this kind of people and it is truly tiring to be with them but i did tried to do what is best to me and for them but its TiRiNg !! and stressful also... I felt like im in one of my nightmare yet this is not just a dream, its a reality. Perhaps i was naive or never met this kind of situation but now i know how to appreciate good life and still making the best of it. The best i could to wake up from this is RuN !! God knows how i wanted to escape from this, and one thing that keeps popping out from my mind is just run. Maybe this action will make me look like a coward but this have helped me a lot while i tried to clear my mind and gather again all my strength and all my wit. This experience helped me a lot to determine when is really right to push and when is not,everything has its time like when its time for flower to bloom it will bloom.. I cannot make it bloom if its not the right season and its the same also in my experience. I will face them again at the right time and at the right place, so at the mean time I will use my free time to evaluate everything and mantained my sanity for my own sake. 

Well, now you read my past how about you? have you faced with the same situation? any idea other than running? :) thanks for sharing, God Bless You


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