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Monday, January 4, 2010

WoW, its 2010 already !

Hallo-hallo !!   :D

Happy new year everyone though its a bit late but i still wish we all a bright and happy New Year,hehehe....

Come to think of it, when its come to new year everything about us is new too (well, NoT everything) especially when it comes to age... 1 year older and sometimes i feel like time moves so fast.

Just a couple of month ago my baby nephew adriel was born and now he is learning to walk already !

wowww.... and im about to turn to 30 in 2 more years,and single , hah!

I think that is a headlights for this year, single and no such and such plan to marry.. well,its not being single and no wedding bells to plan that bothers me but when people start asking me about it that is nerve-wrecking. Especially when most of my cousins and friends already getting pregnant and im not.

Getting asked and having to answer the same question non-stop is tiring and a heavy emotional burden too i might add. Especially this christmas when all my relatives come and visiting,sometimes i have to be like snake being able to slither everytime this unpopular subject comes up. And i have list of other topic i can used to swerve from having to answer it,hahaha !!

But actually, it is not really that bad. I can still survive it and its not a big deal, my relatives a kind at heart and i know they meant well. I love them very much besides the most important thing is being able to spend time with them and be with them as much as i could.

And they have been a very good sport at times when my dad got ill last christmas, my relatives have been supportive and caring. I really appreciate it, :D

Anyway, my only wish for this christmas have been granted and i am satisfied with it.  :D  Now, time for my new year wish.. hehe ! 


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