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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Butterfly Song

Nothing beats a great love story, dont you agree with me? Such as  movies like Twilight, the Legendary Titanic and most recently my newest crazy drama titled "My Bratty Princess". Though this movies and drama is not new anymore but its stay evergreen for me. Especially the drama series, it teaches me that I will not lose anything if i choose to be optimistic and joyful in every situation and in fact it will help me to get through the most low point of my life. 

The humility and moral values the drama carries touches my heart and make me realize that life is enjoyable if I learn to dance with it step by step. Though I may fall sometimes but I know, God will catch me and HE is always there to protect me. To tell you the truth, this epic drama story is very powerful in delivering the message of friendship, unselfishness and the downfall of lusting over power and money. 

Nothing good comes from evil intention and all it will do is to ruin whatever we have in life be it friends, families and career. Now I'm thinking, maybe that character is too good to be true but when i think about it , now I know what it means by " be pure as a dove yet cunning as a snake" phrase. This girl life showed that even though she is from a wealthy family but that never stopped her from giving help to the poor and even disguise herself as a man to make more money. And the best of all is, she never let herself to be bullied on and very smart in discerning people's intention.

She is very cheerful and always have creative ideas to help those poor villagers. What I mean by this is, she is a hard workers, unselfish and a good example of phrase 'never judge a book by its cover' (my previous blog). She make friends everywhere and people treat her as their hero yet she never boast about it and she continues to provide. This is what I call making the best out of life and at the same time, loving the life itself. 

Its hard to love what life got to offer but this drama reminds me again that nothing is impossible ! When God closed one door, another door will open. And also the romance it potrayed in this drama .... maybe for those who loved modern lifestyle will hate me if I say i love this old-fashioned romance because it showed the true side of real gentleman. There is not much of real gentleman out there but  this is just my point of view. Please guys dont get angry (sorry  ;-)  )

Anyway, my point of view is not so important for you because the most important is the way you see yourself and It will make or destroy your future so dont care much about my idea instead i encourage you to fly and be free. For me, I have found my song, my butterfly song. 

Have a nice day all   :-D


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