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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Keeper Of Love

Someone said that to stay in love requires us to fall in love with the same person again and again only much deeper each time. Is it true? Well, it depends on us and yet the beauty of it cannot be denied because that is what makes love so unique and wonderful. How many people on this earth that is not beguiled yet confused when it comes to love? And when do people have any solutions or cure for love? I think there is none and I am grateful because the nature of love is best to be left just like the way it is. The complexity of love yet very simple, full of passion yet so pure and innocent makes us talk about it all day long and makes the world fun and wonderful.

Love makes us stay young and healthy and we should keep all the love we have in our hearts. That is the best medicine for a broken and hopeless heart. I was reminded that love is so fragile and I have to protect it from anything, just anything that can destroy it. Love makes us laugh, makes us sing and dance and love nurture us to love others back. Is it easy to love other people? From what I have been through I found loving someone who hurt you is like inviting trouble and making them see how easy you are. Personally, for me it’s tough and really hard but when we makes mistake and hope that love will come back to you then we know and learn to be grateful for whatever love throws on our way.

Never say no when we found love, to such great love especially this season of hope and love on this Christmas Season … yes, especially this season where we celebrating the birth of Jesus, the one person who possessed this rare love, that one love that we keep on searching… Why is it a big issue? I wonder why … yet when we personally feel it; it becomes a song in your heart, a dance in your mind and a voice in your head. It becomes You, it is you only a new one, a new heart and a new beginning.


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