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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Depression Attack !

I don't know with you guys but when I felt so depressed I tend to be quiet, deep in thoughts and I do a lot of houseworks ... alone. I mean, I can ignore a bit the trouble if I'm in action rather than I'm sitting and free for thinking. Well, they say that it is all in the mind only and I know its true but sometimes I cannot just ignore it. I can never be free of it unless I change my mood and try to think positive.

Not all people have the same problem and not all problem have the same technique to solve it... for me, I will pray for it. The nagging feeling that won't go away ~ I used to pray about it. After praying, sometimes the feeling seems to attach and don't want to go but I found my release in the promise of God that the problem will not be greater than a human strength. Since I'm not immortal so this one applies to me, heheh.

And then, I will make ( and sometimes force myself ) to think happy thoughts, singing about joy and meditating in the promise of God to remember again and again about how that is not all important and how God teach us to love no matter what the situations. Sometimes the trouble will be the same like everyday I faced only in different situations and different people but I will always have to find release for it even though I have done before.

What will you do if you are in depression?


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