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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Unperfect me...

Hi, seems like ages ago I've written anything here.. well,its time for an updates don't you think? hehe. Everyone needs some changes and i have changed my habit from an acute addict of nescafe and all fast food available to a healthy drink and food ( to be precise,I drink Red Guava Cafe and eats lots fiber than meats. Cola is way behind me already,hehe). Not to be cocky but I love the way I choose my drinks and meals now and way slimmer than before. Hahah, I do sound cocky right? I can't help it, I am just proud of my achievement.

I've also have been thinking of changing my career but maybe its too far ahead of me...hmmm,this needs prayer ASAP ! :) I've been dreaming big recently but I feel scared too because I might disappoint myself if I cannot achieve it. Have you ever feel scared and excited at the same time for anything you wish for? If you do,then you'll understand how I feel. The issue is not the dream but its me... I'm the one who should change in order to get what I wanted, to get out of my comfort zone right?

Yet... here I am sitting in front of my computer not doing anything except moaning and complaining all day about every little details in my life. I'm just afraid... jeez, lame right? sorry to have to read all this gibberish though...

Well,apart from changing my eating lifestyle I still the same me 2 weeks ago. Maybe this is enough for the time being but I will try my hardest not to disappoint myself again. They say, one step at a time make much more difference in our life and I think it is absolutely true. :D


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