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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another two years before going 30...

Waahh,shouldn't I be so worried about it? Last year, my old bestfriend got married and I think most all of my closest friend got hooked up within the years... me? maybe its luck or maybe its fate, you can called it anyway you want but I can tell you names I've been going out with but never gets to ring any wedding bell. Maybe its my calling being single, hahah. Right now I'm in a relationship but I never sure if I'm going to marry this guy or not, well one can never really now except believing that this one will work out. (and pray too ~ lots of pray, heheh)

When I was 25 I thought that I WILL one day got married and that I HAVE to have a boyfriend but as time went by, I realized that the man of my dream only exist in my dream and not in the real world. I was so disappointed and felt a bit of vengeance in my heart. Being young and merry is really wonderful and all but naivety can also trapped the unwary young one, such as me but that is when I was still young. Now, by reaching fast into the 30's world ( I feel like I'm in LRT or bullet train going really fast ) only 2 years left, I know there are other things that is more important, more relevant and more realistic and worthy of my attention. Youthful don't last but wisdom is for eternity, I'm praying that my year as 30's will not be wasted and I make the best of it.


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